Melissa Elliott Bio-Wiki

Melissa Elliott was the daughter of Treva Elliot and  John from Mechanicsville, Virginia who was murdered on October 4, 1979, by her brother, Randy Elliot when she was just 12 years old. She was in seventh grade at Battlefield Elementary School.

Melissa Elliott Age

She was just 12 years old while his stepbrother was 17 years.

Melissa Elliott Parents

Elliott was the daughter of John H and Treva Elliott. She was brought alongside her stepbrother, Randy Lynn Elliott, Randy was a son from his mom’s previous relationship and was living with his new father and step-sister. He was the name of her mixed-race son. Treva met John, they were wedded, and their daughter Melissa was born. Randy was 5 years old at the time. The family had only recently shifted into the brick rancher.

Melissa Elliott
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Melissa Elliott Education

Elliott was in the 7th grade, and her school was within walking distance from the house.

What Happened To Melissa Elliott?

The specifics of what happened that morning are fuzzy. Melissa was murdered on October 4, 1979; she was born in Mechanicsville, VA. She was said to be very thoughtful and kind: Nevertheless,  there are not many private details about her in the media. It was just an ordinary day on the morning of 1979 October 4, when the parents of Randy and Melissa left for work, leaving their two children to get ready for school. After their folks left for their respective work, the ordinary morning turned into something so scary that people still were afraid to be near this house.

At seventeen, Randy murdered his step-sister Melissa Elliott. He raped and then shot his 12-year-old sister twice in the chest, then put her body in a massive box behind the home prior to fleeing. Two guys collecting straw found her body later that morning. They uncovered the box and opened it to see what was inside, where they found the body. The cops were notified, and a manhunt was launched.

“It appears that Melissa was shot inside her single-story brick bungalow home and dragged 75-100 yards to the field where she was found.”

Randy Lynn Elliott escape

Lynn Elliott had gotten away from the scene by stealing a car from a place a half-mile from his home. Later, he was apprehended in Buncombe County, North Carolina, and was returned to Virginia to face charges. On October 18, 1980, Randy was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his 12-year-old half-sister. He is recently being held at the Lunenburg Correctional Facility in Virginia.

Who is Randy Lynn Elliot

He is a registered sex offender born on 1962 July 29th due to the gruesome crime he committed on October 4, 1979. Moreover, he was a son from his mom’s previous relationship and was living with his new father and step-sister. Elliot was just five years old when his mother married another guy. At seventeen, he murdered his step-sister Melissa after raping her.

He had heard the tale about the young man who killed his sister when he was a youngster. Without a doubt, since his relative owns the land on which the homes are fabricated. At the point when the misfortune struck, the Elliotts leased the block farmer from his granddad. At the point when their workers found the dead, his dad was the only one at the workplace. He had to walk out to the property and meet with the police.  His father, then again, was enchanted by it. There was a feeling of bewilderment that something could occur on his family’s property.

He felt a moment of association with this youthful lady and a powerful urge to assist her. He went along as though he needed to find out about her. At the point when he earlier heard the story, he envisioned the young lady was somewhere in the range of 17 and 18. He as of late developed that she was without a doubt just 12 at that point. Subsequent to hearing the story, he went into the house 2 times to clean up standing water in the storm cellar. The sump siphon would come up short, bringing about flooding in the cellar. As he vacuumed up the water, he’d converse with the young lady. He detected nothing undermining, yet he was exclusively there to get done with responsibility.

Melissa Elliott Justice?

The crime was convicted on 1980 October 17th and he was subjected to life imprisonment in the Lunenburg correctional facility in Virginia.

As per the court’s decision, Randy was transferred to the correction facility. There are currently no representations made that he is still on the state’s offenders registry. Nevertheless, his last known address was 148 Strickland Court, Raeford.