Valentin Kretz Biography

Valentin Kretz is a businessman in Paris well known for being a cast member in the Netflix show, the Parisisna Agency; Exclusive Property, which started to appear on Netflix on 23rd June 2021. He is also involved with Kretz Partners in the real estate business. He is around 35-40 years old as of 2021.

Valentin Kretz Age

Kretz is around 35-40 years old.

Valentin Kretz Height and Weight

He is 5 feet 9 Inches tall. (EST).

Valentin Kretz
Valentin Kretz Photo

Valentin Kretz Wife

Kretz is happily married to his wife, and they are blessed with one baby boy. Valentin has not disclosed more information about his wife and children, however, the information is under review and shall be updated as soon as it is known.

Valentin Kretz’s Parents and Siblings

He is the Son of Olivier Kretz and Sandrine Kretz.He is the firstborn son of their family.

Kretz has three other brothers; Martin Kretz, Louis Kretz, and Raphel Kretz who is the last born in the family. He and his family’s parents and members of the Kretz family and partners company. They all have France’s origin and they are proud of it.

Valentin  Education and Career

Kretz seems to be learning, however, he has not disclosed any information about where he took his high school and college studies, but still, it is under review and shall be disclosed as soon as it is available.

Valentin is a businessman, he is a broker in the Kretz and Partners company. The company was started in 2007 with Olivier and Sandrine being the founders and worked along with Valentin, Martin, Louis, and Raphel as a family.

Valentin Kretz Parisina Agency

Kretz is one of the cast members of Netflix, The Parisian Agency; Exclusive property, which appeared on Netflix on 23rd June 2021. The show is all about the Kretz Family and the real estate business which shows the trade of Magnificat houses and properties in France and worldwide. The rest  of the cast members of the Parisian Agency are;

  • Olivier Krets the founder
  • Sanderine Kretz the founder
  • Martine kretz a member
  • Louis Kretz a member
  • Raphel Kretz

Raphel is the youngest here and shall be introduced to the audience as a new member.

Valentin Twitter

Kretz joined Twitter in July 2014, and hence he is not that active. He follows 40, with 2 tweets  @valentinkretz. 

Valentin Kretz Networth

Kretz has not disclosed any information about his salary and Networth, however, his net worth is estimated to be around $1m.

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