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Michelle Finn is an American Educational Consultant and a Tv personality from Cherryfield, ME who is set to appear in the upcoming Tv series new spin-off series Alone: Frozen season 1. She is known best for Alone Season 8 where she lasted 21 days on her own in a remote part of British Columbia before starvation forced her to tap out. A new spin-off series is set to premiere on Thursday, August 11 at 9 p.m. ET on History Channel and the season has eight episodes.

 Michelle Finn Age, Birthday

She was born in Cherryfield, ME in 1974/1975.  Michelle is 47 years old as of 2022.

 Michelle Finn Parents/Siblings

Finn was raised on the Maine coast where she was brought up exploring the forest and seaside areas. She consumed the majority of her free time outdoors with her older brother, wandering the woods, combing the shore, fishing off the town wharf, and generally getting up to childhood mischief. Her mom, a teacher, and her uncle, an avid outdoorsman, had an important hand in inspiring her love of nature, educating her about the incredible world around her, and taking her camping and fishing.

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 Michelle Finn Education

Finn earned her degree in elementary education but instead of entering the classroom after graduation, she opted to pursue bushcraft studies and lived primitively in a semi-subterranean dwelling for nearly 2 years,  practicing various skills and taking classes such as tracking, making, shelter, and wild edible identification. She consumed years running or supporting classes for adults and children to assist them to connect with the wilderness.

 Michelle Finn Wife

She is happily married to her significant other, Doug,  a teacher, and currently, they make their home in rural Maine by renovating an 1820s farmhouse.

 Michelle Finn Wikipedia

After graduation, she opted to pursue bushcraft studies. She resided primitively in a semi-subterranean dwelling for nearly two years,  practicing various skills and taking classes such as tracking, shelter making, and wild edible identification. For years, Michelle ran and helped training for children and adults to help them connect with the wilderness.

Eventually, she ended up in a public school in bush Alaska, educating Siberian Yup’ik kids on a remote island off the coast of Nome, where she carried on to learn traditional skills from the village elders.

Since being featured on Season 8 of Alone, Michelle has enjoyed jumping back into life in rural Maine – sailing, fishing, tending her vegetable garden, and harvesting the six acres of blueberry land she and her better half recently purchased. She looks forward to learning and connecting with the amazing Labrador coast as much as she possibly can from the land and all the challenges and opportunities it will offer.

 Michelle Finn Alone: Frozen

Finn is one of the competitors who is set to appear in the upcoming New Series  Alone: Frozen, which debuts Aug. 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.  The band’s new Tv series will see six legacies of “Alone” survivalists abandoned in Labrador, Canada in an attempt to last 50 days in the harsh North Atlantic winter. Those who last through the competition will receive a share of a $500,000 cash prize. The returning contestants for the sixth episode first season of “Frozen” are Amos Rodriguez (season 7 ) Mark D’Ambrosio (Season 7), Greg Ovens (Season 3), Woniya Thibeault (Season 6), and Callie Russell (Season 7).

Michelle Finn Height

Finn has an estimated height of 5 feet 10  inches tall about 1.9 meters.

Michelle Finn Salary

The Educational Consultant has an approximated annual salary ranging from $ 109 K to $ 213 K.

Michelle Finn’s Net Worth

Finn has an estimated net worth is $ 1 million and above. Nevertheless, her career as Educational Consultant is his main source of revenue.

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