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Meghan Crumpler Biography

Meghan Crumpler is a star who appears on reality shows. She is known for being in the reality show 1000 Lbs Best Friend.

Meghan Crumpler Age and Birthday

She is 43 years old as of now. When she celebrates her birthday yearly remains unknown. Also, her zodiac sign is not known, but this information will be updated in case of new updates.

Meghan Crumpler Height and Weight

She is a person of average height and stature and is estimated to be 5 feet 6 inches tall. However, there are no exact figures available regarding her exact height, weight, and body measurements.

  • Height:5 feet, 6 inches tall.
  • Weight: N/A
Meghan Crumpler
Meghan Crumpler Photo

Meghan Crumpler Education

She did her high school at Stockbridge High School and was still with her best friend at that time. That is all that is known when it comes to her education as she has not revealed much about it.

Meghan Crumpler Weight loss

She was inspired to join too large after her father died in hospital as her father had a huge weight. She compliments her doctor as a compassionate person aside from being a talented Surgeon.

Meghan Crumpler parents and sister

Her adoptive parents are Wanda Teresa and David James Crumpler who she called her parents. However, her biological parents are not known. Her father died at the age of 60 in November 2019 t she really misses her father as she still posts him on her social media page.

Her father James was working at the age of 17. He was suffering from gout which was the rare type in history till now. This came after he was involved in an accident at work where he got an electric shock.

The accident changed him completely as he even had to stop working. This led to him getting liver failure due to Gout. A fundraiser was started by his wife. She has a sister named Ashley Wood who is the wife of Chris Wood and has been blessed with a child.


Meghan Crumpler Husband and children

She is dating Jon. He has been with her throughout her weight loss journey and has never left her side. They have an age difference of 10 years. as he is 35 years old. The two met online when she was 35 and Jon was 25 years old.

Meghan was into making him know her with no lies. By mistake, she left her camera on and he saw her when she wasn’t ready for him to see her but he was still interested in her.

Meghan Crumpler 1000-Lb Best friends-Wikipedia

The show aired on TLC on February 7, 2022, and was filmed on February 12, 2020. The cast of the show is best friends that are on a mission to lose weight and get to be healthy. They include Vanessa Cross, Ashley Sutton, Tina Arnold, and their doctor, Dr. Charles Procter.

Vanessa and Meghan have been friends for a long time since they were in school and have always supported each other but Meghan has also had a long friendship with Tina. They were bullied in school and had to defend themselves from people despite the fact that they were feeling have about that and that it was affecting them physiologically. Meghan had Vanessa’s back when people would bully her and she would threaten them which made their relationship stronger.

Then this changed to her threatening them that she would sit on them if they continue with the bulling. Meghan told Vanessa about trying to lose weight but she was not really getting into that as she had to be convinced. She at first said that she was fine with her body but that was just to brush off that story as she was not fine.

She knew she would have difficulties following up with the routine that they will be given from the meals to everything else. Knowing that it would make them get an eating routine sheet that would exclude lots of fast food. Vanessa revealed how she was once in a gas station and she heard a man insult her by calling her bad names. This really messed with her feelings making her go back to the car to cry. She added that people find big people gross, and dirty as they cant wash.

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Meghan Crumpler’s Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $300k. Her career of making ornaments is her primary source of income.

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