Jovi Dufren and Yara ZayaJovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya Biography

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya are American-born and  Ukrainian-born husband and wife who were first featured in season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé, as they navigated the stressful K-1 visa process. The pair went on to star in the 6th season of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, Happily Ever After?

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya Photo

Jovi Dufen is an American- born who was born on 21 Jan 1990, in New Orleans, La. He is 32 years old as of 2022 and he celebrates his birthday on 21st Jan every year. Jovi’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

His partner, Yala Zaya is 27 years old as of 2022. She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine on June 9, 1995, and she celebrates her yearly birthday on the 9th of June each year. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Jovi Dufren

  • Year of birth/Birthday: 21 Jan 1990
  • Age: 32
  • Star sign: Aquarius.
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Relationship status: Married

Yara Zaya

  • Birthday: June 9, 1995,
  • Age: 27
  • Star sign: Gemini.
  • Height: 5’6″
  • Relationship status: Married

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren have always been interesting couples to watch since they first graced our screens on 90 Day Fiancé season 8. While Yala and Jovi love being parents to baby Mylah, Yara is combating postpartum insecurities and their relationship has changed. She is also fighting a particularly tough bout of homesickness, and the duo considers a visit to Ukraine—but everything changes when the war between Ukraine and Russia breaks out. Will this duo be able to find any peace?

Jovi and Yara were introduced to 90 Day Fiance audiences during Season 8 of the flagship series. Despite plenty of ups and downs in their relationship, the duo tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in 2020.

Jovi completed South Lafourche High School and went ahead to join C-INNOVATION LLC where he served as an ROV Pilot.

Yara Zaya studied at a nearby school based in her hometown

Yala works for her clothing store, makeup line, and Instagram account.

Jovi serves as an ROV Supervisor, managing the large machines that explore the ocean floor.

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